Hand Drawn Pet Portraits by artist Genevieve Schlueter

Graphite Pencil Sketches All Hand Sketched Working From Your Photos. Pet Drawing Commissions, Highly Detailed, Lifelike Renderings of Your Beloved Pets


Imagine your furbaby or that of a loved one sketched right down to the last detail. So lifelike that you would swear they can jump off the paper. Here at Schlueter Sketch Studios that's exactly what you can expect! These are not only beautiful & lifelike but are also the perfect personalized gift to give to a friend or family member or even a gift to yourself. By the end your experience with Schlueter Sketch Studios you will find yourself with a unique, custom keepsake portrait that will forever memorialize that pet's likeness and capture your love for them to be fondly remembered everyday.

These specialty pieces are one of a kind, highly detailed portraits, all done working from your photos. Think about some of your favorite photos you have of your beloved pet, now envision them lovingly hand drawn into a piece that will far better than a photo could portray.


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There is a lifetime of artistic experience that is used to create these lifelike renderings. You can trust that when you commission a portrait for your loved one, all the life & personality of that pet will show through. When working with Schlueter Sketch Studios you can expect prompt & professional service. Clients are addressed immediately with any questions they have & are updated regularly on their orders. Everything is done in a timely manner, shipping as expected or sooner in some cases. Pieces are packaged extremely carefully. They are not only shipped in an adorable packaging but are secured carefully to make sure they arrive safe & sound.

           Ready to have a pampered experience? It would be a pleasure to help you with the journey of having a portrait made!

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Dog Portraits Hand Drawn in Pencil From Photo

I have been sketching my whole life but have been a professional pet portrait artist for about 15 years. I specialize in black & white hand drawn graphite pencil sketches. Lifelike, almost photographic look to my pieces. As I mentioned I am self taught I dearly love animals but in particular DOGS! I have loved  them since birth. Much to my mother's horror, I would walk up and try to pet any dog I saw. So combining that love and my life long acquired talent was a no brainer. I have been so fortunate to have been able put my sketching talents to work as my chosen career. Doing what I love everyday! Thank you for visiting. I so appreciate it. Genevieve 

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