Dog Portraits Hand Drawn in Pencil From Photo

Published on 20 July 2021 at 18:16

Hi! I'm Genevieve Schlueter, professional artist and this post shows how I create Custom Pet Portraits hand drawn in graphite pencil working from your photos. So, occasionally I get the honor and privilege of sketching a keepsake portrait for one of my family members or a close friends. This is one of those occasions!

Meet Tennessee Jed, or Jed for short. He is what we think to be a Pitbull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and is currently about 3 years old. My good friends Josh & Kim & I decided that we really needed to have a portrait done of him to hang in their beautiful home, where I tend to share a fair amount of time in the summer in their fantastic pool!.

They happened to have this great photo of him which is a perfect example of him and is sweet soft eyes and stunning markings. An 11x14 inch size was what we decided on to do this in. With an great mat & framed it makes up about a 16x20" piece, hung. I also did a progression video showing some of the work I did that went into making this wonderful piece of Mr. Jed Please take a minute to watch and see just what techniques I use to create my pieces.

I am self taught & use a different approach than most artists. I use mechanical pencils, blending stumps & cap erasers and that's about it! It is a technique and talent that has taken me many, many years to prefect to the quality of work you see here today. Starting at an early age I knew this was what I wanted to do. But it took going through beauty school in my twenties & many a crappy office jobs to finally get to the point where I was able to go from part artist on the side TO Full time artist who was her own boss! Doing local shows has helped and word of mouth but what really helped was Facebook and as all that developed, the other social media outlets. So to all those artists out there, it IS possible. Just stay with it. And in this day and age not only is there the internet to help you to train yourself, you've got it to help you share your work with the masses! And again it took me a long time to get the the point I am now as far as being a professional.

Take a look at my work and let me know if you have any questions. I love to talk with others about art & helping people have a piece of their beloved pets or a loved one's pet. These make INCREDIBLE  gifts!!! Xmas, birthdays or any occasion. 

Please feel free to contact me here or visit my contact page for the various ways to get a hold of me. I have several examples like this at my YouTube channel as well. . Do feel free to come watch more. 

My Creed:  Imagine your furbaby or that of a loved one sketched right down to the last detail. So lifelike that you would swear they can jump off the paper. Here at Schlueter Sketch Studios that's exactly what you can expect! These are not only beautiful & lifelike but are also the perfect personalized gift to give to a friend or family member or even a gift to yourself. By the end your experience with Schlueter Sketch Studios you will find yourself with a unique, custom keepsake portrait that will forever memorialize that pet's likeness and capture your love for them to be fondly remembered everyday. These specialty pieces are one of a kind, highly detailed portraits, all done working from your photos. Think about some of your favorite photos you have of your beloved pet, now envision them lovingly hand drawn into a piece that will far better than a photo could portray.


I have been sketching my whole life but have been a professional pet portrait artist for about 15 years. I specialize in black & white hand drawn graphite pencil sketches. Lifelike, almost photographic look to my pieces. As I mentioned I am self taught I dearly love animals but in particular DOGS! I have loved  them since birth. Much to my mother's horror, I would walk up and try to pet any dog I saw. So combining that love and my life long acquired talent was a no brainer. I have been so fortunate to have been able put my sketching talents to work as my chosen career. Doing what I love everyday! Thank you for visiting. I so appreciate it. Genevieve 


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