Genevieve Schlueter

Artist ~  Princeville, IL, United States


My name is Genevieve Schlueter. I am small town girl & self taught artist, happily married to a wonderful man who supports me in my artistic endeavors.

I have 2 fur-babies. A 13 yr old pointer/spaniel mix named Booner & a 11 yr old GSP/Lab mix named Crockett. They are the loves of my life (well, outside of hubby) & we love to go for walks every morning rain, sleet or snow!! Booner & Crockett were both rescues & I encourage everyone to check your local shelters & rescues when looking for a new furry family member. Dogs have always been a huge love of mine & they are my favorite subject to draw. My work is my life and a true joy to get to do what I love everyday. I get to combine the two things I dearly love in life, sketching & dogs!

I am the eldest of four and grew up in a modest home, to say the least. This afforded me the opportunity to learn that money isn't everything and my mother taught me from an early age to appreciate the small things. I have loved art since childhood and have spent the last 10+ years honing my craft.

Several years ago I was able to stop working outside the home and devote full time to my pet portraits. As my Grandfather was an artist also, I can only assume this is where my talent comes from. He was quite accomplished in oils and I have always loved his work. Art is my love and my passion. Some other things I happen to love are golfing, swimming working out, shopping at thrift stores, and hanging out with my family and friends.

My guilty pleasures are watching Dog Whisperer, love Cesar, and trips to Buffalo Wild Wings for tall Mich Ultras & boneless winggies. My favorite things are walking, golfing, sunshine & spending time with my family & friends. Thanks for stopping in! Genevieve