Ultimate Guide to Having A Hand Drawn Custom Pet Portrait Done

Published on 30 July 2021 at 13:39

Ultimate Guide to A Hand Drawn Pet Portrait

This article is meant to help answer any questions you may have about having custom hand done artwork done by a professional artist of your pets or of other given subjects. What to expect. What to supply, costs, timelines and all other items you might want to know on the subject. 

What Is A Custom Pet Portrait? 

Pets give so much to us we almost take in for granted. They enhance our life and well being. They get us up and moving from needing to exercise them, they lower our stress levels and reduce our heart rate, simply by the act of petting them. In other words they mean so much to us that it is hard to put into words. SO what is no better way to pay homage to our beloved furbabies than to have them memorialized in a lifelike rendering.A daily reminder of the love between pet & pet parent. A highly detailed keepsake piece of art that can be hung and cherished everyday. This is the essence of what a custom pet portrait is. You basically need to go over your photos of your pet, and I know you have a 1000 on your phone and pick out some of your favorites. Then contact a pet portrait artist to help you narrow down size, cost, photo selection and any other details to then get your portrait completed. It is a wonderful way to have the best representation of your furry family member that shows all their personality and the spark in their eyes, captured forever. Better than any photo can ever portray. A gift, an investment, a special piece that means the world to pet owners and a wonderful addition to their homes. 

What Steps Do I Need To Take To Commission A Pet Portrait 

That's a great question. Generally speaking most of my clients who come to me inquiring about having a portrait done, have photos they already have collected. But for those in the beginning stages of looking into this may not. Either is fine. At some point though we will need to go over the photo selection and narrow down what to use. Pics can be nabbed off Facebook and emailed or texted over to me if need be. But most can find good photos to send to me. Then we need to decide what size you would like to do. If you are having trouble deciding just think about where it might be hung. Or what you are wanting to invest into a portrait. Go over the Commissions page and look over the options to help you decide. Once you get that decided, then you need to place your order. Most artists request at least a half down deposit. The rest due upon the completion of the piece. That is an option with me as well upon request. My website & Etsy pages are set up for payment in full. I do have a satisfaction guarantee on all my work and you do receive a proof of the completed piece before it is mailed out. Upon the placement of your order, you and all your information is written down in the books. Wait periods vary depending upon the time of year.  2-3 weeks generally for most of the year, 4-5 in late fall to Christmas. SO BOOK EARLY!!! Anyway, when I get close to starting your piece I notify you and as I mentioned when it is done you'll receive a photo or photos of it as I will want to make sure you are completely happy with it before it is mailed. If there is any tweaks that need to be done we will do so at that time. Once you are perfectly happy at how it looks, I get it packaged up and ready to ship out. I have secure packaging techniques to make sure they arrive safely. And I also have adorable packaging in the theme of what I do, pets! So it's all paw-printed up! My pieces are shipped out USPS and ship from central Illinois. Generally they arrive to about anywhere in the US in 3 days. I do ship abroad and to Canada for an extra shipping charge. Reviews are extremely helpful to those on my website you can leave a review  on Google, Etsy orders you can on the platform under Purchases. I always strive to give a wonderful product & excellent customer service!

What Does It Cost For A Hand Drawn Custom Pet Portrait ? 

It varies, BUT I also don't refer to it as what does it cost but what would you like to invest in a pet portrait. Because ... Art is an investment. These are works of art and that they are customized to you as opposed to completed say large painting. This is unique to you and of your beloved pet. So this is a very special thing indeed. On average you are probably going to be in $135 usd price range. But that's average. I do have pieces for less and I do have pieces that are more. It depends upon what size you go with and how many "subjects" you want sketched. These pieces I do, and most artists as well, take time to do. My process is highly detailed, lifelike pieces that look identical to the photos I am given to work with, even better than the original photo is what I always am looking for. And I have been working for years and years to perfect my craft. So what you are paying for in purchasing a portrait for me is the lifetime of experience & professional services that I can provide. Paypal is the preferred payment, there are other options including Venmo & sending a personal check.   

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Hand Drawn Pet Portrait 

For my works it takes 2-4 weeks depending upon the time of year. Of course getting closer to Christmas everyone and their dog (ha-ha) come out of the woodwork wanting a piece done. And beings I am only one person with two hands, obviously there is only so much I can physically do during that busy time. So I always encourage people to plan ahead and get with me as early as possible if you are thinking a piece for a Christmas gift. These do make for wonderful gifts I will say too. Usually tears abound! I also have gift cards available upon request which are great because then the recipient can pick which photo they would like to have made into a portrait. 

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