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Here I have listed my prices & sizes. Each piece I do has hours of extensive work involved in it. With that being said, I work hard to keep my artwork prices reasonable. I try to pack in as much lifelike detail AND love into every sketch as I can gleem from the photos I am given. The pricing listed below are for PET PORTRAITS only. I do sketch people & buildings/landscapes, but the price is higher on them as they are much harder to do & more time consuming. If you would like something other than a pet sketched, please contact me & I will get you pricing. I will do custom sizes upon request and if you have an unusual "subject" you would like sketched, let me know and I will work with you to create exactly what you want. Please see the accompanying tab "ORDERING INFO" to learn how to go about placing an order. If you still have questions, please contact me & I will be glad to answer them! Thank you, Genevieve ~ Artist 






                                                               Pet Portrait Prices


                                              Single Subject                       Add A Second Subject for:


                                             5x7" ------- $70                                   $15


                                             8x10" ------ $130                                $40


                                            11x14" ----- $180                                 $50


                                            16x20" ------$240                                 $60


                                            18x24" ------$290                                 $70



           *For sizes 8x10" or larger: If you would like more than 2 subjects in a piece,

          I can do that! Contact me for pricing & I would be more than happy to help.

          ( It complicates things to start listing more prices than are currently listed

             here )


          *Custom sizes available upon request. I just can't do a piece bigger than



          *Prices DO NOT include shipping. Shipping costs vary depending upon your   

          location & the size of your artwork. The average cost for U.S. is around $7- $8.


          *I am familar with United Kingdom & Canadian standard sizes. I regularly

          work with clients outside the U.S.  Please contact me if you have any

          questions on a piece or would like more info on an order and you are not

          located in the U.S.. I have worked with clients as far away as Australia &

          Mylasia, ( I am located in central IL, USA ) I can ship to just about anywhere.



         Please see the next tab "Ordering Info" for a full list of of standard practices

         when you order a sketch 



                                                 Thank you,



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